About me

I am currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Statistics at Florida State University.

My research focuses on statistical models and theory for dependent data with applications to network data, and interests lying broadly in the field of statistical network analysis. Fundamentally, I am interested in understanding how to model dependent data for complex structures in order to obtain tractable computational methods and desirable statistical guarantees and theory.

I have studied applications to social networks, brain networks, and HIV / public health. My research has been published in both top statistics journals and network science journals, and my software is available as an R package from CRAN.


  • (Aug. 2020 - Present) Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
    Department of Statistics, Florida State University


  • Ph.D. in Statistics, Rice University (2020)
  • M.A. in Statistics, Rice University (2018)
  • B.A. in Statistics, Rice University (2013)